Stranded Deep V0.02

Bug Fixes

Key Bindings – Removed secondary key bindings which was interfering with AZERTY keyboard users.
Menus – Fixed Audio Settings volume not applying when changed in-game.
Menus – Fixed Mouse Sensitivity settings not applying when changed in-game.
Menus – Fixed Input Menu’s scroll window position.
Inventory – Adjusted force when dropping items.
Intro – Disabled dropping functionality for tutorial items to avoid confusion.
Crafting – Fixed a bug where splitting an object with the dragging mechanic could stall the crafting system.
Crafting – Fixed the possibility of saving mid-craft/build and reloading with the ghost item stuck on-screen.
Cooking – Fixed cookable item’s display name “Cooking” status spamming on every reload. Note: any previously saved cookables will still display as “Cooked Cooked Cooked", etc.
Divers Slate - Fixed the Divers Slate holding position.
Coconuts – Adjusted the coconut spawn amount.
Coconuts – Coconuts viewing distance increased.
Coconuts – Fixed a bug where you couldn't crack a coconut on another island.
Fire Spit – Fixed a bug where if your inventory was full when picking something off the spit and then you made room and tried again, the item would not remove from the spit.
Bed – Is now a normal craftable item. You can now drag it around into your home.
Raft Motor – Fixed raft motor rotating further down with each reload.
Raft Motor – Fixed various bugs with durability and speed.
Raft Motor – Now has a fuel gauge.
Airtank – Fixed infinite Airtank.
Various – Fixed various item display names (goggles, flippers, martini, etc).
Various – Fixed flying with dragging objects.
Shadows– Fixed all construction objects that weren't displaying shadows.
Harvestable Plants – Adjusted regrowth time.
Bucket – Adjusted tipping angle, cooking time and fixed various cooking bugs.
Lantern – Fixed a lighting bug with the lantern’s LOD and lighting masks.
Watch – Minor rendering optimization and moved closer for easier reading.
Land Sharks and Land Whales – Fixed.
Sharks – Adjusted spawn amount.
Sharks – Improved AI. Different shark species will flee from more dominant species. More aggressive in general.
Sharks – Improved AI. Adjusted curiosity; Sharks tracking velocity increased. More aggressive stalking behavior.
Sharks – Improved AI. Species are now more dependent on height, i.e: Great Whites will lurk below, Tiger sharks will roam on the surface.
Sharks – Fixed a large bug with the sharks biomes.
Sharks – More intense and aggressive attacking player animations,.
Crabs – Adjusted the crab population amount.
Crabs – Adjusted crab calories vs. coconut calories.
Crabs – Adjusted cooking time.
Fish – Fixed incorrect starting biomes. Fish species should now be correct for the current biome.
Fish – Improvements and fixed a large bug with the fish system’s bounds checking.
Audio – Higher bitrate rain sound.
Audio – Adjusted Paddle sound.
Audio – New drowning sound clip.
Loot – Fixed duplicate loot items.
Shipwrecks – Boat of doom no longer spawns on the shore.

New Content

Menus – You can now choose to display temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Temperature System – Stranded Deep now has a completely new temperature system running in the background. It’s based off real world values for the Pacific region. It takes the time, day, month, year and humidity into account when calculating the current temperature and apparent temperature (how hot it feels). The ocean temperature falls off with depth based on real-world values that have been scaled to the game world. This system is still fairly fresh and will be incorporated more fully with your statistics in a future update (taking into account your exertion, whether you’re in shade, wet, etc).
Inventory – The inventory now displays the property of the first item in a slots stack, i.e: health, durability, servings, etc. (Please note there’s a lot of different attributes for items so it’s possible some might not prioritize the right attribute).
Turtle – New creature!
Sting Ray – New creature!
Blacktip Reef Shark – New creature!
Lion Fish – New creature!
Fish – New creature! Clown Trigger Fish.
Shipwrecks – New shipwrecks! Plane and ship bow.
Door – New buildable item! You can now construct a door for your home, similar to a wall.
Cloth – New item! You can now find cloth. This item is very much a placeholder and will be generally improved and integrated into more crafting combinations in the future.
Crude Bandage – New item! You can now craft a Crude Bandage.


[OntaGames] Stranded Deep EAA v0.02 (x64).iso (165MB)

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