Stranded Deep V0.03

Bug Fixes

Cloth – Fixed spelling mistake in description.
Cloth – Fixed bug with crafting trigger not activating.
Paddle – Fixed a bug with paddle buoyancy flying to the surface.
Foundations – Hard to replicate but hopefully fixed Items falling through foundations. Time and Player Feedback will tell with this one. Only other thing is possibly destroying order of things?
Context Menus – Fixed context menu spam and using items when closing menus spam.
Context Menus – Fixed a bug with the context menu interacting collider.
Context Menus – Fixed a bug where constructing combos options were getting cut off with a long list.
Crafting – Some improvement made to lag when equipping a hammer to switch between building and crafting modes with large collections and buildings. There’s a lot more work to be done here, but it should be better.
Building – Improved foundation collisions. You can now walk underneath foundations and place on rocky terrain. This does allow the ability to do silly things like placing structures inside rocks, so beware.
Doors – Fixed shipwreck door collisions.
Doors – Fixed all door colliders moving player when opening.
Medical Supplies – Fixed bug with infinite medical supplies.
Airtank – Players seem to be a bit confused with this one so we reworked the functionality to make it less confusing and more consistent. Previously, the airtank had a set capacity and would refill your air deficit. Now it just has a set number of uses so make sure you get the best out of them.
Fire Spit – Now displays the attached cookable’s name.
Ocean – Fixed a bug where the ocean would turn red during weather events.
Trees – Fixed a bug where cut down connected tree trunks where loading back as logs not trunks.
Doors – Door model now indicates which way the door opens when placing.
Steps – Building materials have been adjusted. Previously the steps were a ‘luxury’ item. Now they are a requirement for accessing second stories, so the material requirement has also been adjusted. Steps are now 4x stick, 2x Rope.
Beds – Reduced size to fit inside a single foundation.
Bubbles – Fixed bug where bubble markers were disappearing.
Shipwrecks – Plane shipwreck now has bubble markers.
Boat Motor – Fixed fuel gauge only updating when boat motor was running.
Player – Changed crouching mechanic. You now have to hold the crouch key to remain crouched.
Bucket – Fixed the “portal/stargate” bug.
Coconuts – Fixed a rare occurrence of a missing reference.
Whale – Fixed constant whale noise spam.
Crabs – Fixed a bug where crabs weren’t being parented to the right node for re-centering and saving.
Boat Motor – Reduced the lawn mower’s volume from 0.7 to 0.4.
Effects – Fixed a bug with incorrect god rays appearing underwater (big orange blob).

New Content

Sea Forts! – You can now explore a series of connected sea forts that provide great shelter and can contain various loot and supplies. Sea Forts are procedurally generated in the sand plains biome. Please note that we are working on a much more improved billboard system for the future so sea fort transitions may be jerky/sudden when loading biomes at this stage in development.
Multistory Building! – Official multistory building. This system is a work in progress and is in alpha stage and will be constantly evolving. There are currently a very few edge cases with unrealistic placements that will get cleaned up as the system progresses and finalizes. There’s no limitations on stories for now, so we can’t wait for the mega tower screenshots! We’ll be incorporating things like structural material limitations and more advanced destruction in future updates.
Interacting – New mechanic for interacting with objects! To interact with interactive objects like campfires, consoles and containers, hold the left mouse button down momentarily when the new interacting icon appears. Similarly, the crafting context menu icon has a new look.
Clicking with the left mouse button will use your current item on the object you’re looking at, as normal.
This mechanic opens up the ability to be able to destroy interactive items like campfires and doors, which has not been possible until now.
Steps – Steps functionality has been changed. When placing, you can rotate the orientation of the stairs to point in the direction you want. However, stairs can only be placed adjacent to a foundation.
Windows – You can now craft a Windowed Wall
Torch – The torch functionality has now changed. When found, it will be permanently equipped and can be toggled with the torch key (default is [R]). Any torches that already exist in the game world will be destroyed, so you will have to find a new one for this to take effect. Please note that this will eventually be incorporated into a left hand item, so don’t worry die-hards - no floating torches here ;)
Player Audio – A variety of new unique player character effects.
Fish Trap – You can now craft a functioning Fish Trap. At the moment it only catches fish, but we will expand on this in the future with crabs, crayfish, etc. What fish you catc

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