Stranded Deep V0.03 HOTFIX

Bug Fixes

Sea Forts – Lowered generation amount.
Sea Forts – Fixed no-clipping through various doors and containers.
Rafts – Fixed the erratic raft buoyancy.
Torches – Fixed a bug where torches were not equipping. Value should now apply when you pick up a torch or flashlight.
Player – Added a “Toggle Crouch” option to the input menu. Toggled off will keep the original behaviour of remaining crouched after the crouch key is pressed. Toggled on, you will need to hold the crouch key to remain crouched.
Windowed Walls – Fixed windowed walls saving with incorrect id. Unfortunately, any windowed walls that have been saved as walls will remain as walls, but the problem is fixed for any future windowed walls.
Rain – Improved rain appearing through sea forts. Collision accuracy still needs some tweaking.
Shipwrecks – Fixed a bug with an incorrect shipwreck prefab id being saved. The “Boat of Doom” was replacing one of our newer shipwrecks. This has been fixed for the future, however if a “Boat of Doom” has been saved on shore previously, it will remain.
Building – Fixed a chance of not being able to place a foundation over stairs upper level.
Crafting – Fixed raft motor crafting combination not requiring a raft.
Crafting – Fixed a bug with picking up materials when in the crafting menu.
Fire Spit – Fixed a bug with destroying a Fire Spit leaving an attached cookable stuck forever.

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