Stranded Deep V0.02 HOTFIX


Bug Fixes

Bed - Fixed disappearing beds. The disappearing bed bug was actually a blessing in disguise. This highlighted a rather large problem of an edge case where a biome’s items weren’t being saved properly. So a big problem has been fixed for not only the beds but every item (reports of sticks disappearing, etc).
Bed – Fixed backwards compatibility issue with flying beds.
Construction Objects – Increased culling distance.
Loading – Fixed an issue with new content and previous saves.
Ocean – Fixed graphical error in tutorial scene.
Potato – Can attach to Fire Spit.
Raft – Fixed some physics issues. Please note that these changes will not apply to existing saved rafts!
Sharks – Fixed jiggly shark soft bodies.
Sharks – Fixed the issue of being unable to move after a shark attack.
Sharks – Fixed an occurrence of the player marked as "being attacked" which prevented sharks attacking you.
Sharks – Players should no longer go under or become stuck in the terrain after a shark attack event.
Sharks – Minor tweaks to aggressiveness and crazy speed values
Sharks – Sharks will build aggression when attacked 


[OntaGames] Stranded Deep EAA v0.02.H1 (x64)
[OntaGames] Stranded Deep EAA v0.02.H1 (x86)

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